Eric Goldman's Favorite Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants


Some of the restaurants I patronize whenever I get a chance:


·             A Votre Sante in Brentwood and Venice.

·             Beans & Barley in Milwaukee.

·             Blind Faith Café in Evanston.

·             Cafe Totonaca (at Nature's Rx) in Palm Springs

·             Cha'ams in Berkeley and San Francisco.

·             Chicago Diner in Chicago’s Halsted district.

·             Garden Fresh in Mountain View.

·             Herbivore in San Francisco Mission District.

·             Joy Meadow in Redwood City.

·             Millennium in San Francisco.

·             Native Foods in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Westwood and Costa Mesa.

·             The Natural Cafe in Santa Barbara and Goleta.

·             Robin's in Cambria.

·             Smart Alec’s in Berkeley.

·             Sprouts in South Lake Tahoe.

·             The Vegan in Paia, Maui.


Last updated January 2004.